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Updated: Mar 19

To all of our present (and future) Legacy Members/VIP Badge-Holders:

Thank you so much for being a part of our Legacy Member Program and/or buying a VIP Badge.

We would like to inform you today of all of the details and benefits of being a Legacy Member / VIP Badge-Holder along with some critical changes to the fulfillment of some of these benefits.

First and foremost, we would like you to share why we have created the Legacy Member Program and VIP Badge.

TsumiCon is a culmination of everyone’s passion in the community. The people behind TsumiCon all have grown exponentially, each one having served the convention community in their own way. The Legacy Member Program was developed so you can be a part of our journey for a lifetime.

As it stands, we do not have any plans on releasing additional Legacy Passes in the future. You will be amongst the first and the few who get the privilege of being a Legacy Member.

A Legacy Member can enjoy LIFETIME VIP ADMISSION to all future TsumiCon events, along with extra benefits we may decide to throw in each year to ensure you are being appreciated.

As for our VIP Badges, we have created this type of badge for those who wish to see every aspect of the convention without the risk of missing out on any important panels or main events.

For this year, here are the current Legacy Member benefits:




SWAG BAG - Includes TsumiCon 1st Edition VIP Hoodie, Mouse Pad, Poster, and Sticker

PRIORITY SEATING AT PANELS AND MAIN EVENTS Here are the current VIP Member benefits:

SWAG BAG - Includes TsumiCon 1st Edition VIP Shirt, Mouse Pad, Poster, and Sticker


We hope that these benefits let you truly experience TsumiCon as we intend it to be along with a unique and one of a kind Swag Bag that is only available to you.

All of these things, however, come with a fault.

We have made a major decision to delay the fulfillment of the SWAG BAG.

Since it’s our first year, time is critical, and much to our dismay, our entire team is currently focused on ensuring that the convention is up to standard. So much so that we have been assessing an important factor:

Custom Hoodie and Shirt Sizes for VIP Badge-Holders and Legacy Members

Truth be told and with all transparency, we simply do not have enough time to gather everyone’s preferred sizes.

We gave it a hard thought and asked ourselves if we should have just a "one size fit all" but that would only cause overwhelming dissatisfaction if it doesn’t fit right.

We have also considered giving the rest of the SWAG BAG, but leaving out the hoodie. However, we feel that would run the risk of the SWAG BAG feeling underwhelming.

Instead, we have decided that we will send out the SWAG BAG to ALL of our Legacy Members / VIP Badge-Holders after the convention, so we can curate and present the SWAG BAG to the best of our abilities.

This may cause some disappointment and we understand why but we would much rather be faulted for tardiness than to present our esteemed Legacy Members / VIP Badge-Holders with something subpar.

We hope that this decision can be understood and be forgiven.

With that said, we truly wish that you will find all of the current and available benefits as enticing as it can be! From experiencing our panels in your priority seats for you all to an exciting experience of Naked Sushi for Legacy Members.

I, the CEO, appreciate you for taking your time reading this.

I am excited to present you this convention and look forward to meeting you all!


Marvin "Squarenoodles" Gregorio


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